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Remodel Your Kitchen in St. Louis

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The kitchen is the heart of your home: where your family comes together just before a work or school day for breakfast, where they unwind for an afternoon snack or where they gather around the table and talk about their day over a nice home-cooked meal. The kitchen is where memories are made, which is why you should invest in yours today.

If you have the vision, then we have the expertise to bring it to life. Lang’s design team will work side-by-side with you to create a kitchen that blends functionality and taste, all while keeping in-line with your budget. Contact us for your St. Louis kitchen remodeling needs.


It all starts with a plan:

The features that would comprise your dream kitchen are virtually limitless: lighting, cabinetry, layouts, flooring, countertops, tiles, fixtures… so many overwhelming possibilities! Those who are untrained in building design need guidance through all of these options. We can also give you ideas that you’ve never thought of!

Your Lang designing team will work with you through a client-centered and time-tested planning process where we will inform you on what products are most available, explain to you the differences and benefits of certain design aspects, and provide recommendations on which materials work best based on your tastes, needs, and budget.

Finally, you must take into account the space that this would all take. We have the eye for critical space planning, and we have the foresight to match all the right products for your aesthetic visions. Our experts will ask questions and listen to your answers to come up with a great master plan for the kitchen of your dreams.

Once we have the plan, let’s get building!

Our builders are some of the best in St. Louis and will have your remodel finished in a timely manner. Our skill and knowledge gets the job done, all while creating a beautiful kitchen that exceeds expectations and satisfies your wishes. We know that your family has diverse needs and unique lifestyles. Whether you envision a cozy little kitchen for a small family or a wide space perfect for entertaining, we are committed to bringing you customized and expertly crafted results. Your new kitchen—the heart of your home—will be a place where friends and family can enjoy themselves and make memories for years to come.

Three Kitchen Remodeling Tips!

 1. Plan, plan, plan.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, some elements can be spontaneous, but mostly you should plan things to a T. You need to have a basic idea of where you want everything to be, from small things like bowls and utensils to larger appliances. Draw it out and determine what things should go where ahead of time. Don’t wait till everything is all set only to realize you made a mistake.

2. Be mindful of the space to avoid roadblocks

Think of everything in your kitchen and analyze its space. Think about the doors on a refrigerator, microwave or dishwasher and how much space they need to swing open. Think about your doorways. If you normally have a lot of traffic through the door, then maybe design it with wider panels (don’t wanna get caught in a sticky situation if someone knocks into you while holding a plate of food). Think about any possible roadblock situation and decide how to work around it.

3. Determine just ONE focal point.

Sometimes people like to have crazy kitchens with splashes of color, bold patterns, busy countertops and large hoods, but we would suggest that less is more. All of these things are pretty on their own, so pick just one and have it be the focal point of the kitchen. Surrounding that area, try to have soft colors that complement and other pleasing-to-the-eye features that enhance the focal point.

Overall, there are plenty more tips that we can impart on you, but we would love to see your kitchen and give you them, ourselves! Contact us and we can help in any kitchen remodeling endeavors you face!

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