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Roofs from Lang STL

We care for the roof over your head as much as you do!

You hear the saying “roof over my head” a lot in terms of having a shelter or providing protection for one’s family. But it is more than just that. At Lang, we strive to make the “roof over your head” into an all-American dream “home.” And where does that all start? With the roof of course!

A roof is one of the first things that people see when walking into your home. A beautiful roof = a beautiful home. But it might take more than most people realize to maintain.

This is why we offer many services as Roofing Contractors St. Louis MO. They are listed below for commercial and residential roofing:

Full replacement of all types of roofs

  • There are many reasons for replacing a roof, and, luckily, we have experience in all of these different types of roofing needs. And why should you replace your roof? Because if you are thinking of selling somewhere down the line, then a new roof increases the value of your home. Much like remodeling a basement or kitchen, the roof should never be neglected when making improvements for reselling. Or perhaps you just want a transforming look to turn the “roof over your head” into a “home”…we can help you achieve this!

Insurance inspection

  • Sometimes, insurance companies require an inspection for a new home insurance application or perhaps the company is trying to determine the condition of homes they currently insure. When an insurance company comes knocking, you need a licensed roofer to come and inspect your roof. We have extensive knowledge at an unbeatable price!

Storm damage specialty

  • Missouri weather is unpredictable. From the ice and snow of winter to the heavy storms of summer, and everything in between, your roof takes a beating every year. We specialize in all manners of storm damage like wind, hail, falling debris etc… and more so, we can help solve those small problems before they become bigger ones. Call us to come and check it out!

In addition to all of this, we can always come out to assess your situation and see if we can help! To request a complimentary consultation, go here! Our knowledgeable roofing contractors St. Louis MO will contact you with prices and options. We can help you make informed decisions about the upkeep of your all-American dream home.

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